British Naturism Liars

Are British Naturism (BN) liars? In this post, we examine an idea that British Naturism are liars in that they claimed their membership had doubled since the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, we let you, the reader, decide.

So how did this all come about? Well, being a BN member at the time, I was intrigued that the president of BN, Mark Bass and another member Pam Fraser had been invited onto the TV program This Morning to talk about naturism. The opening remark from the presenter was that “membership of British Naturism had increased by 100% since lockdown” which I thought a bit strange.

Therefore, wishing to know if this was true, I went onto BN forums and looked at memberships numbers which are updated regularly – the increase was actually 2.4%! So where did they get 100% from? Well, the “marketing” guy at BN, Andrew Welch, had submitted a press release stating that membership had doubled “since Covid-19” based on the previous years’ membership numbers.

Is this a proper press release? Is this the right thing to say?

Apparently not considering all the media outlets are now stating that “BN membership had doubled” as a result of Covid. So, did Mark Bass and BN lie? Well, if you believe the press release, (the copy I have is a word document which could easily have been altered) of which I have not seen the original submitted, then no; the media simply got it wrong. But what if the original press release DID state that membership had doubled but omitted the Covid part? Then yes, a blatant lie. Who is ultimately responsible? The president, Mark Bass.

Let us also not miss another point; Mark Bass, Pam Fraser, Andrew Welch and everyone on BN’s EC (Executive Committee) had the opportunity to set the record straight. 

“Actually Eamon, our membership didn’t double; it only rose by 2.4%. Sorry about that little lie.”

As NONE of them did take the opportunity to set the record straight, they are all guilty of perpetuating the lie. A search of “british naturism membership doubles” will show the number of media outlets accepting their claim.

I submitted a complaint against Mark Bass to BN via their disciplinary process on this point under the “Bringing British Naturism into Disrepute” clause of the membership terms and conditions and yes, you guessed it, it was completely dismissed.

So you decide…..Are British Naturism Liars?

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4 Responses to British Naturism Liars

  1. Evolet J says:

    I did wonder about this too.
    Good little research, keep up the good work

  2. The Naked Nudist says:

    I was a member of BN some years ago and with my late wife we attended the Nudefest. Andrew Welch gave a very boring talk and made Nudism seem political. Added to that his partner and a female member of BN staff sat fully clothed looking more bored than we were. I and many others walked out. Hardly a good advert for the being a BN member.
    Added to this on what was a fine spell of weather did the two females participate in being naturists. We had a good time and lived naked for the whole time we were there but i was not impressed by the BN entourage and curtailed my membership.

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