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Found on the south eastern corner of Portsea Island. It is a pebble beach which has the old Fort Cumberland as it's backdrop.

Starting at the west side of the beach, it is a relatively shallow gradient down to the sea. However, as you move towards the middle section, the upper reaches of the beach, in front of the Fort are similarly gentle in it's gradient. But it then falls of quite steeply as you near the water. The eastern end of the beach has suffered with much erosion and is little more than pea-shingle, but the gradient from the sea wall to the water's edge becomes shallow once more.

The water at Eastney can vary in quality. On a falling tide, the water can become cloudy. This may be due to the Wastewater Treatment Works situated at the northern end of Langstone Harbour that uses the tide to carry the treated waste out to sea. In my opinion, it's ok to paddle in, but I would not recommend swimming.

There are no nearby facilities at Eastney, so a packed lunch with your own drinks is recommended.

There is a fairly large car park in front of Fort Cumberland, which is free. The access to the beach is straight forward... Follow the little road that runs alongside the car park (where you will also find some cars parked along), then onto a path that takes you onto the beach. From here you will find the nudist beach to the left (east) and the non-nudist to the right.

People do fish from the beach, so wear footwear near or in the water, I have found discarded hooks.

Dog walkers also enjoy walking along. Neither the anglers or dog walkers are phased by the nudists.

I've not encountered many "sight-seers" there. They do obviously exist, but the locals/regulars spot them and normally politely ask them to move off the nudist area.

All in all, a pleasant beach, but not one to go for a swim.

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Eastney nudist beach isn't the closest to my home but its the most convenient as there is a good car park close to the beach which is free to park. In the nudist world, that's not only unusual but quite a rare commodity.

It's the Fraser range which forms the backdrop to the shingle beach and not Fort Cumberland which is close-by and a little towards Langstone harbour.

A year or so ago the nudist part of the beach was extended westward by Portsmouth City Council by about 200m and now encroaches into the textile area.

Posts and signs were erected to this effect indicating that everyone is entitled to use this beach including naturists.

I believe the signage has been vandalised now, but I still have my contact at PCC responsible for the beach. Its up to us as nudists to utilise the extended area and thereby promote nudism as the norm.

There are two things I have always liked about Eastney. First the quick and easy walk to the car.  So many naturist beaches require a hike to get to this is a real pleasure.  Secondly that the boundary between the naturists and textiles is unclear.  They both co-exist quite happily in the same space.  On busy days in summer you even get textile families taking up free spaces on the naturist part of the beach.  Some might see this as encroachment but I see it as the model that I wish all beaches could follow. Naturists and textiles both happily enjoying the same beach.