Naked Hike Southampton

Naked HikeWelcome to Naked Hike Southampton. We hope to list on this page a number of naked hikes you can do in Southampton (or rather the New Forest) to help get people out in the country and help in #NormalisingNudity.

Naturism is a lifestyle enjoyed by millions of people around the world and naked hiking not only provides health benefits and exercise but also promotes body positivity.

Each of the routes listed below have been tested both clothed and nude and will give the most information about the walk as possible. You can arrange/plan your own naked hike in Southampton or whichever town/city you live in – just remember to have a look at our guide to safety first.

Forest countryside

There are no hard and fast rules about naked hiking and it’s really all down to your own preferences. The length of the walk, stopping for picnic, wild swimming (if lakes or rivers are on route), sunbathing – whatever takes your fancy. It can be a quick walk or last all day as some of the walks done by The Naturist Ramblers. You don’t even need to go for a walk, why not just head to the countryside, strip off and enjoy the sun?

Before you embark on an arduous naked hike, please have a quick look through our guide here so you are prepared.

Submitted Walks That You Can Do

Hampshire, New Forest, Ocknell Pond

Hampshire, Milkham, New Forest

Hampshire, Mogshade Hill, New Forest

Hampshire, Rufus Stone Stoney Cross, New Forest