Studland Bay Dorset

Studland Bay in Dorset is probably the most famous of all naturist beaches in the UK. If offer a vast area for naked sunbathing, great waters for swimming and very good beach facilities. Interested? Read on for more about Studland Bay Naturist Beach.


Click here for information on the naturist beach direct from The National Trust.

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One Response to Studland Bay Dorset

  1. Codge says:

    Studland beach is my wife’s favourite. 45 mile journey down through the new forest and across Poole Harbour on the ferry. A lovely trip even before we get to the beach.
    On our motorbike we can get to the head of any queue, and the ferry crew tuck us into one of the alcoves at the side of the boat so we don’t take up a car space.
    A long trek to the nudie section, but well worth it

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