Truth About Naturism

The Truth About NaturismWould you like to know the Truth About Naturism – from a certain point of view?

There is always a truth and naturism is no exception. In this book, author Richard Harrison and editor David Anderson share theirs, and others, experiences of naturism.

The author of this website edited the above book which is available on Amazon either via ebook on your Kindle (or tablet device with Kindle reader installed) and also in printed version book.

Written by Richard Harrison, edited by David Anderson with photography from David Anderson, this book looks at what naturism is about, why people embrace the lifestyle and what the benefits are of stripping off at home, the beach, the countryside or anywhere really. It has a number of testimonials from a wide demographic of naturists and also tries to dispel some of the myths associated with naturism.

It is a great introduction to “would-be” naturists giving information that we all should have received at the start of our naturist lifestyle but also a good read for the seasoned naturist as well.

The Kindle version is a mere £1.85 while the printed version is just £4.99 – both can be purchased directly on Amazon here. We would very much like people to read and leave feedback but please remember the book was written “from a certain point of view” so you may have a different experience/understanding of naturism from the author.