Milkham New Forest

Milkham New Forest Naked HikeMilkham New Forest naked hike. This is an excellent route due to being able to adapt the route according to time available and fitness levels of those walking. Milkham, in the New Forest, is a beautiful area so take your camera.

Location: Milkham RouteGoogle Maps Location
Alternate Route: Milkham Route 2
Start Point: Milkham car park as indicated on map
End Point: As start point
Ease of Walk (1 easy 10 hard): 6 – some larger hills to climb but not too strenuous
Length: 4.5 miles approx
Duration: 2.5 hour approx
Nude Time: 99%
Textile Encounter Probability: 22%

The Milkham, New Forest, naked hike is perfect for those who want a good walk with a little energy expended on a route that can be readily adapted to how much time is available to the walker. The route shown here is about 4.5 miles long and will take around 2.5 to 3 hours to complete but to make it shorter, you can cut across the vertical lines.

On a warm day, day a picnic and enjoy the sanctuary of the Slufters Pond (shown on the map) which, being out of the way, rarely gets any other visitors. There are lots of scenic places to stop for 5 minutes and take a picture or just rest but keep an eye out for the abundant wildlife in the area.

Textile encounter here is higher than on other walks due to the tracks which are a favourite for cyclists and dog walkers alike. Your choice of whether to cover up but we have not seen any adverse reactions to nudity in this area – just smile and wave!

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5 Responses to Milkham New Forest

  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for sharing these walks. I originally come from the area and visit now and then. I’ve been trying to find some “safe” places to walk, so it’s nice to know of a few tried and tested routes.

    I was looking at the possibility of a few near Brockenhurst (Denny Wood/Standing Hat area) or possibly near to the High Corner Inn (Woodford Bottom). I’ve only walked TO these places and gone nude, rather than walk nude around them.

    I may be heading down to try the Milkham route this week.

    • DavidA says:

      I’ll have a look at routes over that side; not really done anything that side of the A31 yet but is on the list. Watch this space.

  2. Mat says:

    I tend to walk here quite regularly on Sundays had a few bemused looks from textiles but no adverse reactions so far.

  3. John says:

    I had a great walk from Miklham car park last Sunday, 7am start I managed a couple of hours around Milkham / Roe enclosure. Naked apart from the first / last quarter mile. Not sure on the exact route, I tend to follow my nose, but ended u[ at Roe Cottage and followed Linford Brook for a while. Also a place where a path disappeared into dense trees and turned into a sort of tunnel . Not sure if I’d be able to find that again, but look forward to more exploration on a weekday.

    A couple of weeks ago I managed a circuit from Pigbush to Woodfidley, over the railway and into Denny Lodge enclosure , very quiet, a still grey evening which turned to a very pleasant light drizzle. No other vehicles in the car park when I got back, so naked all the way apart from crossing the line a t Woodfidley Lodge.

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