Mogshade Hill New Forest

Mogshade Hill Naturist Hike Hampshire New ForestThe Mogshade Hill New Forest naked walk takes the Ocknell Pond walk and extends it slightly up to Mogshade Hill and it’s pond which is ideal for a cool off, a picnic or just for some sunbathing.

Location: Mogshade Hill RouteGoogle Maps Location
Start Point: Ocknell Pond car park as indicated on map
End Point: As start point
Ease of Walk (1 easy 10 hard): 5 – some larger hills to climb but not too strenuous
Length: 4 miles
Duration: 2 hour approx
Nude Time: 99%
Textile Encounter Probability: 8%

The Mogshade Hill New Forest naked hike is a relatively easy walk and ideal for the novice naked walking naturist as the probability of meeting textiles on route is extremely low – maybe an occasional dog walker. The route is mainly flat with just a couple of gentle hills until you cross under the A31 (best to get dressed for this part, don’t want to cause a pile up on the A Road) and walk up the hills on the other side. It is mostly track so footwear can be trainers or hiking boots.

As the route is quite circular, you can walk it either way round; start at car park (for both ways) and either head straight for the track (east) or go through the woodland by the car park and follow the westward route. Whichever way you go, you will finish at the car park which does tend to get busy during the summer months – you can usually stay nude up to about 100 yards from the car park.

Visibility on the route is very good for the majority of the walk with textiles being seen from a distance so you have plenty of time to cover up if you prefer.

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  3. Codge says:

    Some great walks and hope to do some very soon

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