Rufus Stone Stoney Cross

Rufus Stone Stoney Cross New Forest Naturist Naked HikeWe’ll call this walk Rufus Stone Stoney Cross because it is essentially that route – from Rufus Stone to Stoney Cross in the New Forest. It’s a great walk for the novice naked hiker.

Location: Rufus Stone Stoney Cross Route – Google Maps Location
Start Point: Entrance to track as indicated on map; car park is Rufus Stone monument where shown on the map
End Point: As start point
Ease of Walk (1 easy 10 hard): 1 – only hill is from car park to start point
Length: 1.9 miles return approx
Duration: 1 hour approx
Nude Time: 90% (walk from car park and return non-nude unless you want to)
Textile Encounter Probability: 15%

This route is great for the novice walker as it is completely flat (apart from the walk from the car park to the start point) and is all track too. There is the option to go cross country but after rain, it can be a bit boggy. If you walk this during the week, there is less chance of a textile encounter but for the majority of the route, you can see them literally a mile away!

So, park in the car park opposite the actual Rufus Stone monument and walk up the hill to the start point. Follow the track west until you come to the road that is Stoney Cross and then turn around and head back. To spice it up, do one part on the track and the other cross country. There are loads of spots that are secluded enough to enjoy a picnic or some sunbathing and the pond does get full after a good shower.

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  1. Colin Gilbert says:

    This sounds a brilliant walk and I’d love to do this route with someone experienced.

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