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My first time naked in public

It was in 2017 at Eastney, my wife wouldn't come with me because she was too embarrassed to undress in public.  I arrived at the beach and nervously looked around for the biggest gap between other nudies I could find.

After I laid out my towels there was nothing else to do but take my clothes off. I looked around to see if anyone was looking,  a woman about 30 feet from me sat up and occasionally glanced my way. I didn't want to appear a novice even though I'd never done it before,  off came my tee shirt, shoes, socks then my joggers and that just left my knickers.  I was standing doing all this,  I thought well it's now or never so off came my knickers and I was naked.  I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I was completely naked on a public beach and felt at ease.  I was totally hooked on nudity and loved every moment.

Since then my wife has accompanied me there and Studland and she's been naked, but rather shy and hesitantly I might add, but she's done it.  She has continually encouraged my nudity and to meet other nudies for friendship which I've always tried to do.

I would love her to be more open about being naked with others, but her shyness in close proximity is too much. I firmly believe she would be OK if she was with other females. For me though,  I'll take my clothes off with anyone.