Naturism and Sex

Naturism and SexNaturism and Sex are one of the most misunderstood aspects of the nude lifestyle. In this post, we hope to dispel some of those myths and set the record straight. Naturism and Sex are NOT linked in anyway – here’s why.

It is normal for people to associate sex with naturism; after all, most times when we have sex we are nude and of course naturists are nude as well so it seems obvious that the two should mix. But it’s not like that.

In naturism, we adopt a “non-sexual nudity” attitude. We believe, and act on, the fact that being nude doesn’t equate to sex and that men and women can live, socialise and interact in the nude without it resorting to something sexual. There are a great number of events throughout the year for naturists and none of them turn into orgies. Why? Well, why should they?

Naturists love the lifestyle of doing everyday, normal things in the nude. We love the freedom that nudity gives us, a life without being incumbent in clothing, and the health benefits that nudity brings. We love the feel of the sun, wind, water etc. on our naked skin and want to enjoy that as much as we possibly can. We are not nude for sexual reasons, we are nude for enjoyment of being clothes free.

Now, this is not to say that naturists don’t have sex; of course we do and, like everyone else, thoroughly enjoy it but there is a time and place just as it is with textiles. Of course, being nude means getting to the sex part is a lot quicker but it doesn’t mean we are shagging every minute of the day. Time and place.

Sex should be a private thing and done in an appropriate setting. Openly having sex on a beach or in another public setting is actually illegal; sex acts in public is illegal; spying on people having sex is illegal. Naturism is NOT illegal.

There are, of course, many people who like to be watched having sex, many more people like watching it and this activity goes on quite often but it is NOTHING to do with naturism and that is what you need to understand. There are also a lot of people who claim to be a nudist/naturist because they think that naturism and sex are linked – these people are simply there for sexual gratification and are quickly expelled from naturist groups.

So hopefully, you will now see that naturism and sex are not associated.

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