The Truth About Naturism

The Truth About Naturism is a book being written by David Anderson and Richard Harrison and aims to tell the truth about naturism – from a certain point of view.

It contains all the low-down you need to know and a lot of stuff “they” don’t want you to know!

First edition of this book is now available on Amazon priced at £4.99 and aims to tell the truth about naturism in the UK – from a certain point of view.

It chronicles the naturist lifestyle of the two authors, mainly Richard Harrison, from their first entry into naturism and what they have discovered during their journey. It discusses clubs, the “single male” issue, sex and naturism, body modifications and a host of other topics related to nudism.

There are also a number of testimonials from naturists to help encourage potential new naturists to give it a go. The idea behind the book is to show that naturism is a fantastic, fully inclusive lifestyle choice (to some a philosophical belief) in which every man, woman and child can be involved in some form – as much or as little as they wish. It is to show that simple, non-sexual nudity can exist and should be embraced by all and accepted by those who consider it is not for them.

A couple of words of caution though: firstly, there are nude images contained within the book and secondly, there are arguments/comments that may not align with your own beliefs – remember, this book is from a certain point of view which may differ from yours.

Happy reading.

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