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BN Membership T&Cs WrongYou probably have not seen that British Naturism (BN) has 2 sets of terms and conditions for it’s members. I recently found BN membership T and Cs to be different in 2 places. Let me explain.

This little anomaly came to light recently when I was kicked from BN. If you go to their web site and follow the links for becoming a member, you will be greeted with their “membership terms and conditions” like this:

BN Terms of Membership

  • Snippet taken from BN web site and their membership joining page on 27th June 2020 and checked 24th July 2020.

These are the terms to which you join BN however, if you break their rules or go against their political agenda, then a new set of rules come into play. These are:-

Individual Members, Member Clubs, and any other affiliates undertake, as conditions of their membership:
1) Not to engage in any activity or behaviour which may bring naturism or British Naturism into disrepute or damage the interests of British Naturism.
2) To restrict the practice of naturism to circumstances where there is no offence in law or risk of harm to others.
3) Not to practise naturism with the intention to cause alarm or distress.
4) To ensure that naturism is presented fairly and creditably to the general public at all times.
5) That they are not and have never been entered on The Sexual Offenders Register, been convicted of or under investigation for any sexual offence, or been subject to Notification Requirements, a SOPO (Sexual Offences Prevention Order) or SHPO (Sexual Harm Prevention Order). Furthermore, that they will notify the General Secretary ( if their status changes with relation to any of these matters.
6) Not to advertise naturism in a manner, context or publication that is likely to reflect adversely on the standards of naturism or use naturism as a means of advertising sexual material or services.
7) To have respect for the natural environment and have full regard for the provisions of the Countryside Code and, where applicable, Seashore Codes, in their behaviour on beaches or elsewhere.
8) To heed any instructions given by volunteers or staff who are fulfilling their duties on behalf of British Naturism, and to treat volunteers and staff with appropriate respect.
9) If using the online forum and resources, to abide by the posted forum guidelines ( and gallery rules (
10) That they are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their online account and password and for restricting access to their computer so as to prevent unauthorised access to their account. Furthermore, that they will not share member-only content or images outside of the British Naturism community.
11) To abide by restrictions on personal photography as laid down by event organisers or clubs. Under circumstances where photography is allowed, to ensure that they have the consent of all persons who will be included in any image and that no image shall be published without the express consent of all persons shown. For the purposes of these rules, “photography” includes both still and video captures.
12) That no image or video of a child will be created at an event or club without prior, written approval of the child’s parent or guardian and of the General Secretary. A child is any individual under the age of 18.
13) That personal data supplied by individual members will be managed and processed in accordance with BN’s Privacy Policy (
14) To pay the subscription fees as they fall due, whether requested or not.
15) To be a member of British Naturism, a company limited by guarantee, on the assurance that liability for meeting any future debts of British Naturism will then be limited to the sum of one pound

Individual Members, Member Clubs, and any other affiliates agree that British Naturism may curtail or terminate membership rights if the above terms are broken.

British Naturism: Terms and Conditions of Membership


As you can see, there is a HUGE difference between the 2 T&Cs and most notably we now see the inclusion of “British Naturism” in clause 1.

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  3. Duncan Heenan says:

    Anomalies in BNs Terms and Conditions are worthy of comment, but even more notorious is the alacrity with which BN ignores its own Terms and Conditions when it suits it. For example, when I started a formal complaint against BN’s President Mark Bass for abuse of his position, rather than hear the complaint, as they were obligated to do under their own rules, they simply cancelled my membership (which had already been renewed and paid for), and then refused to enter into any correspondence over it. Their (then) new chairman Robert Finney tried to carry my complaint forward, but was met with such abuse from Mark Bass that he resigned after only a few months in office.
    BN’s leadership (and Mar Bass in particular) is typical of the kind of small-minded Club thinking which favours a small clique of the ‘in crowd’ who comply with the group-think, but alienates anyone who thinks outside their particular box. It is probably a major contributor to the long term decline in BB membership numbers.

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