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Kicked Out From BN British NaturismYou may have seen a lack of my presence on BNs web site of late; that is because I have been kicked from British Naturism (BN). In this post, I reveal all AND provide the documentation so you can judge for yourself.

In order to ease reading, I have split this post into sections and tried to make each section as brief as possible. All letters/correspondence are available if you want to fully immerse yourself, just ask. As I consider myself to be an innocent recipient of a “witch hunt” instigated by a political agenda from an organisation that does not like being held to account, I have nothing to hide.

The Crimes Against British Naturism

On 22nd June, 2020, I received an email from Tracey Major, General Secretary of British Naturism (BN) with 4 attachments; a letter from BN, a document detailing the “complaints”, the BN T&Cs and their complaints procedure. My crimes were detailed as:

  1. Mistreatment of volunteers
  2. Bringing British Naturism into Disrepute
  3. Reposting Forum Content

These being contrary to the terms and conditions of membership. These “complaints” were brought about by a forum moderator (Pat – name and shame), a member who did not like me putting him right on a few points, a member of the EC and another member – all anonymous except the mod which was easy to find who they were!

Evidence 1 – Mistreatment of Volunteers

Travel back to 8th June and a member posted on the forum stating that rules and regulations need to be adhered to – paraphrased but along those lines. I replied in agreement and that those rules and regulations should also be applied to EC members and forum mods; no one should be above the law. This post appeared not have been saved. I therefore re-wrote the post and clicked submit. Again, it did not appear. On the third attempt, I then realised that my posts were being deleted! 

Had I said something untoward? No idea. My post was not rude, it simply stated a factual argument that agreed with the original post. Did I receive ANY communication from ANY moderator? Nope. Nothing. Naddah. Zilch.

My crime here was “mistreatment of volunteers” which contravened clause 8 of their NEW T&Cs that weren’t agreed to upon joining BN. This reads “to heed any instructions given by volunteers or staff who are fulfilling their duties on behalf of British Naturism, and to treat volunteers and staff with appropriate respect.”  But if I hadn’t received any communication from anyone at BN, how would I know I was in contravention of this clause?

Their evidence? I posted the following “So, @Pat_N, are you telling me there have been complaints made about my post? If so, why was it not brought to my attention or do you/other mods/EC just act as judge, jury and executioner? If the post is just removed without consideration to the poster, then how is the poster supposed to know what they have done wrong? The policy you seem to be adopting is that of a communist dictatorship.”  Perhaps could have been worded slightly different but the point is, if something I posted was wrong, why did they not contact me about it?

Of course, there were other comments; I pointed out that other members that I know of have had posts removed without comment, have posts automatically held in moderation and as soon as I mentioned putting in an official complaint, more posts were deleted. I then asked for clarification on matters:-

“I don’t think anyone is intentionally “attacking” moderators but they are not above
the law and their actions must be held to account. But to who? The EC? Who will
side with them anyway. Put in a complaint? Will be ignored! <see Mark Bass Complaint>
Anyone heard from XXXXXX XXXXXX in a while? Very active on forum but now no
posts – why? Has he been censored permanently?
I have messaged Pat asking her to explain something which she has forwarded to
Mark Bass – neither have responded.
I have had posts constantly deleted without explanation – have I done/said
something wrong? Who knows – except for a mod.
For a member organisation, there’s not much “member” interaction.”

Oh, and to have a bit of a giggle, I was testing the image upload function and this also appeared as evidence against me as “doing something wrong”!

There had been absolutely ZERO contact from moderators or EC. 

Evidence 2 – Bringing British Naturism into Disrepute

This crime was in contravention of clause 1 of the “new” T&Cs. “Not to engage in any activity or behaviour which may bring naturism or British Naturism into disrepute or damage the interests of British Naturism.” This also means mentioning them on Twitter even though you are providing an accurate account of what happened.

Through lack of engagement via forum posts AND personal messages on BN web site, I tried a new tact; from what I had been victimised over and with knowledge of similar oppression of members’ views by BN, I posted the following tweets:-

“Am really perplexed. I thought that @britnaturism had changed with a new
President but was mistaken. Still harbours dictatorial management process where
freedom of expression is disregarded in favour of the political agenda of the
POWERS that be. Shall not be renewing membership.”

“Posts in forum are removed without any explanation; another member said their
posts are moderated and then released days after he posted it. Forum mods are
judge, jury and executioner. If your posts don’t comply with their rules, they’re out –
people quick to complain. #CryBabies”

“So @britnaturism talks about freedom of expression yet the forum mods (prob. Pat)
keeps deleting one of my very valid points. In response to people being considerate
in responses on forum, I replied stating that mods should abide by the same rules.
#Deleted #FreedomOfExpression”

“So it seems that my post complaining about my posts being deleted has also
been deleted. Where is your freedom of expression now @britnaturism Get a
grip on your mods!”

BN did actually respond here but called me a racist:-

“There is a fine line with freedom of expression when it concerns hate speech
and racism – there is ZERO tolerance when it comes to this within

When I asked them to confirm they were calling me a racist, they went quiet!

Evidence 3 – Reposting Forum Content

This crime was the “cream on the pie for BN” as it ensured my removal from the organisation! “If using the online forum and resources, to abide by the posted forum guidelines…The Forum Guidelines include: You agree not to post on the Forum any
copyrighted material unless the copyright belongs to you or British Naturism. You further agree that you will not remove, copy, or redistribute any content held in this community. Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in your ejection from British Naturism.”

What did I do wrong here? Oh yes, I screen grabbed a post that I wrote of which I own the copyright to as being my own creation under copyright law and attached it to a tweet on MY Twitter feed. This was attached to Tweet 3 above for the world to see that my posts on BN forum were being deleted without warning. 

In fact, all my posts were screen grabbed so I could monitor which ones were being deleted – and there were quite a few.

The Accusers

  1. The forum mod known as Pat; didn’t like being criticised. Didn’t like the idea I was about to put in a complaint about her draconian methods. Didn’t like being held to account. Has actually had an axe to grind since I put her down over an image I uploaded but that’s another story.
  2. Member 1 – being shown that he was in the wrong over several comments he made regarding lockdown at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Didn’t like being put right and called me a number of names that would result in a legal action if I could be bothered.
  3. Member 2 – apparently just didn’t like one of my posts and suggesting I was being insulting yet did not provide evidence!
  4. EC member – this was the person who informed BN that I had posted about them on Twitter.

The Verdict

Easy to see really; I was booted BUT they had to be seen as doing the right thing so gave me the option:-

  1. Agree to end hostilities – basically, tow the line, do as we say or you’re out!
  2. Reject offer 1, face their “disciplinary” and suffer the sanctions (ooooo, quaking in my boots at this one) or
  3. Contest the decision and then face their “disciplinary” and suffer the sanctions

The Outcome

Needless to say that I responded to their letter of complaint and rebutted all allegations. I explained that I was too busy to play their silly games and that they should do as they please considering the decision had already been made.

I received a letter dated 10th July 2020 stating that my membership with BN had been terminated. Phew, what a relief!

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19 Responses to Kicked From British Naturism BN

  1. Anon says:

    Mark Bass from BN banned me after complaining of discrimination against me. I provided several dozen pieces of evidence to support my case and am now taking my complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office as I have a valid membership, yet I am unable to access my personal information held by BN.
    BN are ignoring my emails. I totally agree with many of your points and can’t emphasise how ignorant, rude, and arrogant the leadership of this organisation is.
    Happy to join any group willing to take action against this band of Nazis!

    • DavidA says:

      Sorry to hear this but apparently is normal for those at the higher end of organisation to be so incredulously despondent about their members. Unfortunately, you won’t have any luck – they will continue to ignore you.

  2. Adrian Brown says:

    I know how bad BN is especially Tracy Majors I had to give my credit card details to BN so I could attend a event, BN kept my details on there computer legally then sent them to a third party with out my consent, it took Tracey two & half months to omit to doing it never got a explanation nor apology, they did give me a free years membership, but because Tracey would not answer my questions over hen incident I left B.N ,I had been a member for thirty years & this is the way they treated me, the so called events manager Mark Walsh got involved in it & accused me of not having clue what I was talking about.Just shows what a organisation B.N is

    • DavidA says:

      Yes, I’m not sure how BN are surviving these days with all the bad press from ex-members and the inefficiencies within the organisation itself. Maybe we do need a new naturist governing body within the UK.

  3. STEVE DENYER says:

    It really is a great shame that you people cannot get on. There seems to be a number of trouble makers within BN and it has soured what should be a great organisation. Instead of you all slagging each other off while trying to score points over one another how about just sticking to the rules and accept that certain content is not suitable for BN. You haven’t actually published what it is you allegedly said so anybody reading this cannot form an opinion. Whether you are right or wrong, instead of making petty wars and creating divisive web sites why don’t you just go away and get a life?

    • DavidA says:

      Thanks for your comment although you do seem to be a bit “high and mighty” toward the end but in the interests of transparency (not something you will get from BN) I have approved your post exactly as you have written with no editing.

      Everything about why I was kicked out of BN is within the post; did you read all of it? I have also stated I am happy to share any documentation with anyone wishing to review it themselves, I have nothing to hide. The fact is, and what has also been reported by a number of other ex-BN members, that unless you tow the line with what the EC want and accept that the forum mods are above the law and can censor you and/or remove your posts WITHOUT providing you with any reason for doing so, then you’re on the radar. I know one one member who had ALL of his posts “held” for moderation before they were posted. And BN speaks about freedom of speech?

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion – BN decided I wasn’t and that is why they kicked me. Can’t get along? We can do as long we do what the EC says. Scoring points? Just telling the truth, let people decide for themselves. Sticking to the rules? Of course, except BN interprets them to suit their own agenda. Do you know what the content was that I posted? It was factual, historical information about slavery – nothing controversial but BN called me racist! And really, “why don’t you just go away and get a life?” that is just a little bit childish, isn’t it?

      • Everything I post is checked by same moderator constantly, she also constantly checks my profile. I too have been banned several times for complaining about her and the censorship of BN EC.
        And yes often ignored when contacting them.
        Was once censored for posting inappropriate photographs, one was a picture of my newborn kitten and the other a picture of a full moon (The celestial Moon),

  4. Jj says:

    We also got booted for a similar reason lol

  5. Anon says:

    I was just about to sign up for a membership belt I read these comments, I won’t be joining nor. I remember the forums and information was free on the BN website at one point to allow easy access to like minded people, everything is now behind a pay wall, shocking.

  6. Sam says:

    BN seem to be a massive culty clique. I cancelled my membership as they offered nothing to me in London and to be frank the YBN activities were pretty much redundant. Im now banned from everything

  7. A M says:

    What does “EC” mean in your posts?

  8. Charles Bontrager says:

    BN used to be a naturist org I admired but of late they seem to be losing their way as well as alienating good people in the pursuit of maintaining some bit of relevancy. I noticed they threw massive support behind Stephanie of Body Freedom only to find out she was all about promoting herself to the point that every one of her volunteer staff left and the program has disappeared into obscurity. They have also made a few more missteps in replacing key positions and additional long-time members are leaving. What are your thoughts? I know this blog appeared a few years ago but it is “same ****, different day” as they say.

    • admin says:

      Having been out of BN for a couple of years now, I don’t know what’s going on at senior level – can imagine, as you say, “same ***, different day”. All I can say is that I have NEVER seen BN engage with social media or the press, they have never “gone out there”. Someone on Twitter says they do but when challenged to give 1 example, they couldn’t.

      Have said for years that BN needs a complete overhaul but can’t see that happening. What I do see happening is that another organisation will be formed that will go much further than BN ever has or is willing to.

  9. Codge says:

    Where is the chatroom for this group?

    • admin says:

      Hi Codge. No chatroom on here yet – unless you want one in the forum. At the moment, there is a group on WhatsApp you can join if you want. Just email me your number and I’ll send you an invite.

  10. Codge says:

    Hi Admin,
    I joined the WhatsApp group immediately on joining this group and I’m greatful for that.
    But I guess not everyone will join WhatsApp.
    If a live chatroon could be put in the forum it would be very welcome and would greatly enhance the groups activity.
    Thank you

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